Foggy Green Frost is Marina Andräde, who has been a photographer for over a decade, exploring various subjects and thematics in the current industry. With a vast nature and landscape portfolio of various parts of the US, mostly from the Pacific Northwest and the coast of California.
 At the age of 16 she started professionally taking photos of concerts and music performances from local and international artists in Recife, Brazil, where she lived most of her life and graduated Photography at the historic University of UNICAP. 
Having worked in Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA, today resides in Los Angeles, California,  freelancing and full time work for product, photo editing and advertising companies, executing photography and videography alongside with providing landscape fine art prints of different scenes of the world.
The mission here is to provide a clearer vision of work for clients, using the best captures possible, extending visual branding and growth for companies, businesses and also personal use. 
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