R A N I E R - An Antipode from my mind.

        One of the things I miss about living in Seattle is the ability to see Mount Rainier on clear days. Most activities with my friends involved a nature setting of somehow on the days that didn't rain. Seeing the beauty of the earth through Washington is an experience that I daydream about often.
        The photograph used below was taken by me in July 2017, facing the south view of Mount Rainier. The other two of the mirror frame and the small ficus I took in my room yesterday for collage purposes.
        The Mind's Antipodes: "Huxley uses the term antipodes to describe the "regions of the mind" that one can reach via meditation, vitamin deficiencies, self-flagellation, fasting, sleep deprivation, or (most effectively, he says) with the aid of certain chemical substances like LSD or mescaline. Essentially, Huxley defines these "antipodes" of the mind as mental states that one may reach when one's brain is disabled (from a biological point of view) and can then be conscious of certain "regions of the mind" that one would otherwise never be able to pay attention to, due to the lack of biological/utilitarian usefulness". source: wikipedia on (Heaven and Hell essay, Aldous Huxley).

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